Although I am a licensed attorney, I do not practice law. Yet, I combine my passion for personal finances by helping people as a licensed registered investment advisor and providing holistic wealth advising for goal-oriented individuals. This blog aligns with my passion for sharing my knowledge with goal-driven individuals looking to enhance their financial literacy and amplify their wealth. Welcome!
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4 Steps To Starting Your Emergency Fund

  1. […] money set aside for your deductible in a separate account or within your emergency fund account. The Four Steps To Starting Your Emergency Fund will increase the certainty that your needs are […]

  2. […] are personal. There is no one-size-fits-all emergency fund or a magic number for all emergency funds. Instead, there is the correct number for you. Looking at […]

  3. […] Building an emergency fund is crucial for financial security. Save money regularly and set it aside exclusively for emergencies, like medical expenses or unexpected job loss. An emergency fund provides peace of mind, safeguards against debt, and empowers you to handle unexpected challenges confidently. […]

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