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Your Finances

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Your Finances

her priority

Meet the Founder:

Alissa Krasner Maizes. J.D., 

While her friends read Seventeen magazine, Alissa read about investing. Her grandmother’s struggles through the depression influenced her lifelong passion for personal finances. Those stories instilled a strong value in spending money wisely.
When it was time for her to buy her first home, she paid heed to that advice, purchasing a home well within her budget, which she continues to live in about 22 years later. Prioritizing value and “needs” over “wants” allowed Alissa to instill her mindset in her grown children and amplify her wealth, setting aside money for investments. She simplifies the process and shares this value mindset with her clients empowering them to live the life they want. 

Alissa simplifies the financial planning process with her straightforward and supportive approach, helping people overcome anxiety around their money. Alissa incorporates her legal knowledge, giving her a unique perspective on how estate planning, inheritances, taxation, and other legal matters impact finances. 

When not advising clients, Alissa volunteers for nonprofits developing campaigns to help them reach their fundraising goals, helping to raise millions of dollars for causes close to her heart. She also values her time with her friends and family and still loves reading financial articles and books, listening to podcasts, and watching CNBC.

my Qualifications

Licensed Attorney, New York

*not practicing law

Investment Advisor Representative for MY REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISORY FIRM: Amplify My Wealth

With Amplify My Wealth, you will get answers to your financial questions. 

Do you want to invest wisely but are unsure of how to create a long-term investment strategy?

Are you ready to build wealth and increase your financial literacy but want to be strategic (not impulsive) about investing your money?

Do you have financial regrets and need a financial or debt elimination plan?

FINANCIAL advising to simplify and amplify your wealth

My goal is for you to
achieve your biggest goals.

Amplify My Wealth Prioritizes you

Life can get complicated, but your finances don’t have to be. Launched in 2021, Amplify My Wealth embraces a holistic approach to improving financial wellness. An expert in defining your needs versus wants and helping you define your goals, I craft financial plans to guide you along your path to achieving your goals, ultimately living the life you want and deserve.

Your financial journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

Providing fee-for-service advising with no minimum investment, commissions, or assets under management removes any potential incentives or conflicts of interest. My wealth advising services and personalized financial plans empower  clients to spend and invest wisely throughout their financial journey.

Looking for a partner to AMPLIFY your wealth?

My investment knowledge coupled with a strong legal background makes Amplify My Wealth’s holistic planning and wealth advising services ideal for those ready to increase their financial literacy in:

Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
College Savings Plan

Investment Allocation 
And More!

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You deserve to achieve your financial goals, and our comprehensive financial plans are designed to get you there.