Alissa, the founder and registered investment adviser representative of Amplify My Wealth, recognizes that everyone can amplify their wealth; it looks different for everyone. Unlike many investment advisor firms, we do not require a minimum net worth, therefore, availing everyone of the benefits of a personalized financial plan. Please think of us as your financial advisory firm where Alissa listens to you and your goals and then creates a comprehensive financial plan together with you to amplify your wealth. Your customized plan is your essential guide to success by spending and investing wisely. As a financial advisor, I provide wealth advising, partnering with you on your journey to empower you to amplify your wealth. I provide fee-only financial planning and fiduciary services, removing potential incentives or conflicts of interest.

Financial planning encompasses all things regarding wealth advising that help you manage personal finances, including but not be limited to: savings, cash flow and debt management, budgeting plan, investment advising, retirement planning, college savings plans, insurance risk analysis, and estate planning.

Amplify My Wealth emphasizes the importance of looking at your financial journey as a marathon, not a sprint, focusing on long-term investment strategies creating personalized financial plans with diversification in investment options such as low-cost mutual funds and ETFs. 

I am Alissa Krasner Maizes, the Founder of Amplify My Wealth and an Investor Advisor Representative for my investment advisor firm, Amplify My Wealth. I provide fee-only financial planning and fiduciary services, removing potential incentives or conflicts of interest. There is never a minimum net worth required; therefore, all clients can get a comprehensive financial plan developed by a professional no matter where they are on their financial journey.

I am a licensed attorney in New York and an investment advisor representative in Florida. Although I am a licensed attorney, I do not practice law. Yet, I apply my legal knowledge when analyzing and developing personalized financial plans and planning personal finances. As needed, I recommend that you get in touch with the professionals with the expertise you may need, such as an estate-planning attorney for trust and estate documents (estate planning law) or an accountant for tax advice and preparation.

Although I am an investment advisor representative licensed in Florida, I can meet with clients that live within the United States and conveniently meet her virtually, too, for wealth advising and financial planning.

I am a fiduciary and fee-only financial advisor; Please see the Services Page or Contact Alissa for details concerning fees and the best option to meet your needs. Inclusive of my wealth advising services, I offer project-based and hourly fees of $250 for each hour. I charge in increments of fifteen minutes, only charging for time spent planning and advising her clients. If I need to do work beyond regular preparatory work, I will disclose and agree to it beforehand and never surprise a client with charges. I take my fiduciary duty very seriously and do not earn any other fees hidden or otherwise, so you can be confident that there is no conflict of interest impairing the judgment and ultimate impact of any recommendations. Also, there will never be a fee-based upon assets under management or the requirement that our clients have a minimum net worth. Everyone should benefit from wealth advising and a personalized financial plan from a financial advisor.

The initial planning phase usually takes two to four hours over a few meetings to develop an all-encompassing personalized financial plan. Once the plan is complete, we meet regularly every six to twelve months. We also meet whenever you reach out to me for guidance for impending life-changing events, i.e., a new job or home, marriage, inheritances, disability, or other changes that may impact your comprehensive financial plan. If you are unsure if you need to meet, it is always best to meet or send an email to get guidance.

There is absolutely no charge for the complimentary consultation, and there are no strings attached. The complimentary consultation is fifteen minutes. While there are no strings attached, I hope you will want to continue our relationship and partner on a journey together with wealth advising and fee-only financial planning.

Virtual appointments have always been an option and continue to be as it is often more convenient for the clients. I work with clients by video conferencing and telephone seven days a week and is available evenings. All meetings are by appointment only.

I do not sell any securities, insurance, or annuities, nor do I earn any fee for assets under management, referrals, or sales. I am commission-free. With fee-only financial planning, the only fee I earn is for the work I do for financial and wealth advising. When given a recommendation, rest assured I will not be making a commission or referral fee for any actions you take.

Yes. Although I am an investment advisor representative licensed in Florida, I can meet with clients that live within the United States and conveniently meet my clients virtually, too, for financial planning.

Please click on this link, and you can schedule a financial planning appointment or a fifteen-minute consultation at your convenience to learn more about Amplify My Wealth wealth advising and personalized financial plans.

I work with teenagers, retirees, single people, couples, families, small business owners, people starting a new business, and recent college grads, providing financial planning to all, no matter their net worth.

If you anticipate a potentially significant life change or feel overwhelmed by the thought of financial planning, that is all the more reason not to put it off. If you always take care of others, you deserve to be financially healthy, and this self-care can make a difference in so many aspects of your life.  

The best way to empower yourself is to be proactive and plan for things that directly impact your finances, i.e., buying a home or car, selecting a college savings plan, saving for a retirement plan, or securing the care of a child with special needs.

I am looking forward to working with you to empower you with my expertise and a comprehensive financial plan that works for you. I will be there for your financial journey, for regular visits, and for changes that come your way.

Whether in high school, graduating from college, starting a new job or family, or seeking financial independence, I am here to help them. A personalized financial plan is an excellent gift for your loved ones and friends!